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Introducing “The Unforgettable Business” Blog and Show

Friday, May 12, 2023

The Unforgettable Business/Introducing “The Unforgettable Business” Blog and Show

Introducing “The Unforgettable Business” Blog and Show

Helping Business Owners Clarify and Communicate a Memorable Brand Experience

The First, for Who? It’s Me and You…

Welcome to the first blog post of “The Unforgettable Business”, a place where chiropractic practice owners and entrepreneurs alike, can visit to learn and practice what it takes to create a strong and lasting connection with patients and prospects, especially when you're tight on time and the market is more saturated than it's ever been.

I’m Rich Jacobs, writing “The Unforgettable Business” blog, host of “The Unforgettable Business” show, author of “The Unforgettable Practice” book and founder of ChiroTunes, committed to helping chiropractic practice owners attract new patients and build lifelong relationships offering principled strategies combined with custom, unique and powerful tactics we'll be covering throughout future posts.

Despite that last blurb about me, this blog is for entrepreneurs and business owners, not just practice owners. Although especially on the show, I'll likely refer to you as doc because that's who I serve so if you're not a doctor, you can consider yourself a doc of the services or products you provide and I'm the doc of principled marketing strategies.

“The Unforgettable Business” is a practice of seeking and applying principles and techniques that have always worked and will continue to work regardless of rising competition levels, new technologies and AI while in pursuit of serving customers and growing your business.

You can expect this blog to publish bi-weekly on Wednesdays, providing you with ample time to read and absorb the content without feeling overwhelmed.

Resilience, Adaptability and the "Why"?

My inspiration for starting "The Unforgettable Business" blog came from my own experiences and challenges building my businesses and serving clients in various industries, all under the moonlight of a full-time, high-stress day job for more than a decade with a growing family.

I wanted to be an example to my children, that “they can become what they will to become” and not just tell them that, while feeling unsatisfied and stuck at a job wishing for the ability to make more of what I had to offer the world.

So, with a degree in audio engineering and a brief time spent working with some of the world's biggest names in Rock & Roll history, while working for the last 16 collective years within the PA prison system, escaping twice now (pun intended) and both times to pursue a connected dream.

Along the way, life has taught me the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the power of human connection by treating everyone with dignity and respect assuming a (boundary contained) position of service, whether your Billy Joel or the inmate convicted for life.

Although I guess this has always been an innate quality of mine, but a little bit of it goes a long way in business and our ability to powerfully communicate our message with an audience of prospects and buyers, helping you stand out in a competitive market.

Principles of an Unforgettable Business

There are some foundational concepts that most business owners struggle with, that I'll be covering in this blog over the next few months…

And while I am currently focused on chiropractic and a specific set of services, I'll share these broad concepts through the lens of my experiences within my current space, aiming to interpret in ways helpful to any business to assess, consider and apply.

So far, this post has been largely about me and where my roots that have led me to this moment lay and it's likely that the next post two weeks from now will similarly reflect my “why” for choosing chiropractic.

Now, if you're an entrepreneur or business owner thinking to yourself, I'm not in chiropractic… I've never even been to a chiropractor, I thought you said this blog was for me?!

Well, I'll have something to share with you in the next post for sure, but before we get there, I want you to know I'm sharing this insight because it's an important component of a larger lesson that I'll uncover in the 3rd post next month…

So, pay close attention to see if you can catch what it is before I reveal the principal behind it. This blog will be full of valuable insights and strategies to help grow your business and create an unforgettable brand.

I'll cover topics such as positioning, social strategies, acquisition, retention, list building and much more; all designed to complement your core offerings and help you stand out in your market.

I'll also share some personal experiences along these lines and in the future, I'll feature interviews with practice owners and other entrepreneurs who have applied the principles of an unforgettable business in their operation, as well as Q&A sessions to address your questions and concerns.

But for the next few months, I’ll cover some basics that I believe we'll all benefit from by adopting a mindset of service, regardless of your industry or background.

My goal is to help you apply these lessons to your business, create a brand that's not only memorable but also built on a foundation of value and effectively integrate your products and services with sound marketing and branding strategies.

Taking Those First Steps…

I'm excited to embark on this journey with you and I invite you to follow “The Unforgettable Business” blog, moving forward for regular updates.

Together, we'll create a practice of habits that'll transform your business into an unforgettable brand and overcoming any obstacles you may have in your way.

The best way I can help overcome these challenges is when you share feedback with me regarding these posts and episodes, I'd love to hear from you. Please write to

Let's work together to create a lasting impact and make your business truly unforgettable.

Rich Jacobs

Hey, I'm Rich jacobs

Author of "The Unforgettable Business" blog and Host of "The Unforgettable Business" Show
Founder Of ChiroTunes

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