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Strike a Chord Throughout the Nervous System

Friday, June 02, 2023

The Unforgettable Business/Strike a Chord Throughout the Nervous System

Striking a chord within the Nervous System

The passion and experiences leading to a unique venture

Do You Remember?

In the last post I warned you that this would be another introductory-type post about me. This time who I serve and why, while promising the show and blog is for entrepreneurs and business owners as well but that laced in this post will be hints of a following episode challenging you to guess what it might be about.

Hey there, Rich here host of this show and the dude behind ChiroTunes creating memorable jingle packages that aid chiropractic practice owners in the marketing of their practice, attracting ideal patients to their doorstep.

But maybe you’re wondering why chiropractic? Why not other healthcare industries and different types of businesses? The answers lay in part, a deeply personal journey and a drive to serve a community that I’ve come to sincerely respect.

It Started With The Beatles

The inception of ChiroTunes is a fusion; fueled by a love for songwriting, marketing and an admiration for the chiropractic philosophy. An interest in music started at 5 years old, I remember hearing a Beatles song on the radio…

I had support and love but lacked a stable family unit, while noticing how that tune influenced the attention and memory recall of those around me; who otherwise may have been akin to a herd of cats with the memory of a goldfish.

I was hooked, certainly not a prodigy like some would come to say over the years. It was consistent focus and dedication, throughout middle school and highschool in some punk and hardcore bands; playing hundreds of shows and a few tours up and down the coast.

I remember all the kids coming out in growing crowds, show after show singing along to the songs I wrote; saying to myself and friends “hey if this band thing never works out, I’ll just write jingles for a living” maybe it was a baseless fear of “selling out” that I stalled on that one…

But after highschool I bought into the illusion of getting a stable job and disbanded the musician lifestyle, although later I did end up getting a degree in audio engineering while attending the conservatory of recording arts and sciences in Arizona.

Then a bit over a decade ago, I discovered another passion in the world of marketing and never really did stop writing music all along. I realized the captivating power of music could be harnessed to capture people's attention and encourage action for businesses I believe in.

From Tragedy to Inspiration

But what’s the reason I chose to serve chiropractic specifically? Well, it started with personal loss—my Nana, who took her life around the same time I found that early fascination in music and before I had an opportunity to get to know her did so, with pharmaceutical prescriptions.

I was told my whole life that she was diagnosed with mental illness while in and out of hospitals for years, before her early departure from this plane. I never really questioned or thought of her much since; until a few years ago, I grew more and more curious about her…

Like she was calling me to learn more from the other side. So the fun and curious way that creation works (for me anyway), arranged it that a few weeks later my dad casually asked me if I would be interested in attending a spontaneous 30 year family reunion?

Then after interviewing some of my great Aunts, I learned that my Nana Martin was as warm hearted, emotionally intelligent and quick witted as they come before having my father. They speculated that she suffered from severe postpartum depression and her doctors refused to recognize any of it, completely dismissing her; only doling out these highly addictive pills.

Now at the time I was deeply entrenched in the marketing of a business that my wife and her sister were running called “Raising Wildflowers” and the subject of their show and services often centered around postpartum depression and its neglect, even in our modern culture.

I’m getting goosebumps right now as I recall this story and how it unfolded just a few years ago but needless to say it was a sound validation and full circle for the work that I was doing then.

Additionally my mother was a drug addict most of my life, thankfully in recovery for the last 10 years but her drug of choice was pills as well and while prescription medication when not misdiagnosed or abused can certainly save lives…

These are just two experiences that have made an impact in my life, influencing me to become a little more holistic minded in my personal approach to medicine so when looking around for an industry to niche down and serve with laser focus, chiropractic definitely resonated with me.

After choosing chiropractic, I didn’t know much about it other than its holistic tendencies so the marketing geek that I am I dove deep into researching my newly chosen market. Coming across some amazing teachers and influencers like Dr. Jake Hansen at The Chiropractor Edge…

And so many more with all these brilliant doctors talking about the Palmer family and The Chiropractic Philosophy regarding our Innate Intelligence, this idea that the body can heal itself is a belief that deeply aligns with my view on health and wellbeing.

To me marketing is a powerful tool for the most amazing and potentially dangerous forces of influence in this world and I don’t take the responsibility lightly, which is exactly why I’m so careful with who I choose to serve; making sure it’s in alignment with my being.

More Than Just a Catchy Tune

Now whether you own a practice or run a business, you’re likely familiar with what a jingle is but not sure if it'd be a good fit. Maybe thinking “I don’t know anything about music or how it should sound, the last thing I want to be is to annoy my community and I don’t even advertise on radio or tv?!”

And that’s reasonable for sure, if your marketing isn’t dialed in those channels can be wasteful spending but this ain’t the old world… A well crafted jingle package is complete with multiple cuts you can include right into the social content you’re already publishing for free.

And a great jingle blends into the world of what your audience is already listening to, it really shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, it should help your brand more easily enter the subconscious conversations already going on in the mind of your prospects.

The role of music in marketing isn't a new concept, but it's a strategy often overlooked by many entrepreneurs and business owners. Music appeals to our emotions, and the right tune can evoke a strong emotional response.

An engaging jingle package can make your business more memorable, helping prospects and customers remember your products and services when they need them most.

And that's exactly my aim with ChiroTunes. Helping create unique sonic identities, a distinct jingle that encapsulates the spirit of the practice in a way that deeply resonates with the ideal patients living within its community.

Not a gimmick, just a powerful strategy; enhancing brand recognition, creating connection, helping communicate the unique benefits of chiropractic and attracting new patients that may not have been aware of these solutions otherwise.

What’s next?

So, this is the journey that led me to ChiroTunes, a service that combines my passion for music, marketing and a respect for the chiropractic profession. My commitment to this show is to provide you the chiropractic practice owner and or entrepreneurial business owner…

With valuable insights regarding the multifaceted practices of marketing in your business as I explore them in real time in the hopes that together we create an unforgettable business.

And that’s it for me, next week we’re diving into an important core principle and if you can guess what that subject is, that has been cryptically hidden within this post here, then you win the championship of unforgetfulness…

You can write to Rich@theunforgettable business with your guesses and if you’re a chiropractic practice owner and want to learn more about custom music for your marketing strategies you can Click Here and check out this quick video to find out if we would be a good fit!

Don’t sit on it either, if you are interested because this is an area exclusive offer, I can't serve you if I've already worked with another practice within a 60-mile radius. So, don't wait. If you're ready to elevate your chiropractic practice with the power of music, let's have a chat.

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